Mindfulness Programs 

for Businesses & Individuals

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Mindfulness Programs for Organizations & Individuals

  • Our program offers participants easy to apply, no-nonsense mindfulness techniques based in centuries old buddhist practice. Participants will learn the Foundations of Mindfulness and how to apply it to daily living. Develop skills in various Meditations & Applications  and understand the Scientific Benefits behind this rapidly growing industry. 

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

Mindfulness courses for Real Life


Build Confidence

Reduce Stress

Improve Health & Wellness

Increase Joy

We Offer 

8 Week On-Site Minfulness Meditation Sessions

4 Week Off-Site Minfulness Courses

One-on-one coaching

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Our Mission 

Offer cutting edge, science based mindfulness techniques to businesses & individuals.  Our courses are designed to be easily adaptable to any sized group or schedule and provide a flexible, cost-effective way to experience the health and wellness benefits of centuries old buddhist meditation principles in a modern format. 

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About Caroline 

Caroline Altman turned to Mindful Meditation  in order to reduce her own symptoms of Anxiety & Depression. She grew up in an unstable and chaotic environment due to mental illness and addiction. Her goal was to undo the emotional turmoil that resulted. 

Although Mindfulness was only part of her journey, it became the final component to a lasting peace she had always craved. 

In addition to many years of applying Cognitive Behaviour Techniques, 

Caroline completed training through the University of Massachusetts Center for Minfulness. 

Her program offers a light-hearted approach. Through compassion, humour and practical guidance Caroline encourages us to look at the bright side in the chaos of an ordincary life.